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The Costs of Living in Spain: A Realistic Overview

Living in Spain can be a dream come true. Warmer weather, a more relaxed lifestyle, delicious tapas. What is not to be loved about living in Spain?

But what costs are in fact involved with living in Spain? It can be hard to get a realistic overview of the costs before actually moving to Spain.

That’s why I’ve written this article to help you have a better sense of what costs you might have when you will eventually live in Spain. In this way, you will have a better idea of what to expect.


Costs you should take into account when living in Spain

It would’ve been amazing to have an overview of the kind of costs that you can expect when living in Spain, specifically in the Costa del Azahar region. That’s why I think it would be good to give you an oversight of what your overall costs can look like.

I do want to point out that this is specific to the Costa del Azahar region in Spain and is based on our own experiences and that of the people around us. Our costs are mostly based on a four bedroom house with two bathrooms, where two people live, but where guests are common.

In other parts of Spain, especially more touristic places, the costs will probably be higher.

Mortgage costs

You might need a mortgage in Spain or you might have paid the entire house already. Nevertheless, it’s good to keep in mind that besides other costs you probably will have to pay your mortgage costs every month.

Of course this is completely dependent on your own situation, so I can’t really say a lot about this right now.

Swimming pool costs

If you have a swimming pool, there will be costs involved. Swimming pool reparations are not included in these costs, as we haven’t had any reparations yet, so we can’t comment on this. This will of course also be dependent on the state of your swimming pool.

Regardless of swimming pool reparation costs, you will probably need someone to clean and maintain your swimming pool every week or every two weeks.

Approximately, it will cost you around 15 euros per week for someone to come around to your house to clean and maintain your swimming pool every week.

You can also do this yourself, but if you’re not an expert in swimming pools, I do recommend to have someone come in at least every two weeks to come and maintain your pool. If you’re swimming pool is not well maintained, eventually your reparation costs will be higher.

Gestor/lawyer fees

You will probably need someone that is responsible for your administration in Spain. Someone who knows how the systems in Spain work. Usually, this will be done by a gestor that you’ve hired. It’s also possible that your Spanish lawyer does this kind of administrative work for you.

The costs for this vary per person, but consider paying about 500 euros in gestor fees per year.

Electricity costs

Again, this depends on your house hold size and usage. But based on our own experiences, two people living in a four bedroom house, living in a sustainable way, electricity costs are around 120 to 140 euros per month.

We don’t have solar panels yet though. You could definitely cut these costs by installing solar panels to live in a more sustainable way.

Water costs

Keep in mind that your water costs will be higher if you have a swimming pool. The approximate costs for a 4 bedroom house with a swimming pool and two bathrooms would be around 300 euros per 3 months.

Local taxes

This will vary per place that you live of course. But based on our own experience in the Costa del Azahar region, the local taxes are around 400 euros per year + 70 euros bin taxes per year.

Gas costs

It’s common in this area to buy gas bottles. Of course it depends on your house hold size and your usage how quickly you will finish these gas bottles.

We hardly have hot showers and mostly use our solar shower in the garden to shower. Based on our own experiences, with two people living in a four-bedroom house, with regular guests, but living sustainably, we use around 3 gas bottles a year. Three gas bottles approximately cost 240 euros.

Wifi costs

You can have wifi in your whole house for around 30 euros per month.

Insurance costs

The insurance costs, based on our own experience, are around 240 euros per year. This specifically includes insurance for bush fires, as I think this is really important.

Total costs per year based on the above costs

So, you’re seeing all these different kind of costs, but you might be thinking: okay, what does this add up to?

Once again, keep in mind this is based on a four bedroom house with a swimming pool in the Costa del Azahar region, with a two persons house hold (with regular guests).

Excluding mortgage costs, the total of the costs mentioned above are the following:

Swimming pool costs (excluding reparation, including cleaning every two weeks): 15 euros/visit * 26 visits = 390 euros per year

Gestor/lawyer fees = 500 euros per year

Electricity costs = 130*12 = 1560 euros per year

Water costs = 300*4 = 1200 euros per year

Local taxes = 470 euros per year

Gas costs = 240 euros per year

Wifi costs = 30*12 = 360 euros per year

Total costs = 4330 euros per year.

So, all in all, these are the total costs, according to our own experience in the Costa del Azahar. These costs, excluding mortgage fees and excluding swimming pool reparations amount to around 4330 euros per year.

In conclusion

There are a lot of different costs involved when you’re living in Spain. It’s good to keep these costs in mind when thinking of moving to Spain. In this way, you will have a better idea of what to expect.

Do keep in mind that these costs are based on our own experiences. This is based on living in a four bedroom house with a swimming pool, and living in a sustainable way. When I say living in a sustainable way, I for instance mean not showering for hours in a time etc.

I hope this list of costs came in handy for you, and if you think I missed some costs, definitely reach out to me to let me know!


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