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The Best Places for Drinks in Gandia

When it comes to finding the perfect spot for drinks in Gandia, you’re in luck. This vibrant city is home to a lot of establishments that cater to every kind of taste. Whether you’re in the mood for craft beers, cocktails or just a cosy pub, Gandia has it all.

After spending many nights in Gandia, I’ve made this list of the best places for drinks in Gandia. As I couldn’t really find anything online about where to go, I’ve tried lots and lots of places in the city. Discover where to find the best drinks in this buzzing city.

Tip: if you prefer a quiet night out, visit Gandia during the week. If you prefer a more lively night out, make sure to visit on the weekends.


The best places for drinks in Gandia

As mentioned before, Gandia is home to a lot of places for drinks. But where should you go? Read on to find out which are the best places for drinks:

El Atelier del Cóctel by Rockadelic: for cocktails

Located nearby the beach in Gandia, Rockadelic is the place to go for cocktails. This trendy bar has an extensive selection of cocktails. With its energetic atmosphere, Rockadelic is the perfect place for a refreshing drink.

The staff goes the extra mile to recommend drinks that align with your preferences. Most cocktails range from 8 to 12 euros. They also offer non-alcoholic options. This place is highly recommendable for anyone looking for an adventurous drink.

Buddha Bar: for drinks by the sea

If you prefer a drink ON the beach, then Buddha Bar is the ideal choice for you. You will recognize the bar by its Buddha statue. They serve beers, sangria and more and they also have delicious patatas bravas. It’s one of my favorite places to go in Gandia for a relaxing drink near the sea.

drinks by the sea in gandia
Buddha Bar

Cafe Pub Baron: for coziness

If you’re in search of a cozy and inviting atmosphere, look no further than Cafe Pub Baron. This charming pub is known for its warm hospitality, friendly owners, and wide range of drink options. This is also the perfect place to go for breakfast.

It’s located on the popular Passeig de les Germanies boulevard. The laid-back vibe and welcoming atmosphere make it a favorite among both locals and tourists.

Casa de Cultura: for a cultural drink

For a unique cultural experience combined with drinks, Casa de Cultura is a must-visit. This cultural center has two bars that offer a diverse selection of beverages, making it an excellent spot. Besides, drinks are very affordable as well. I especially recommend the vermouth roja.

Often there is also a gig going on here on Saturdays from 13:00 PM, so I would highly recommend going here at this time. Come half an hour before the gig starts to reserve a seat. It’s a place loved by locals. And it’s one of my personal favorite spots in Gandia.

Vermouth roja at Casa de Cultura

La Picaeta Sibarita: for craft beers

Craft beer enthusiasts will find their haven at La Picaeta Sibarita, a craft brewery which serves their own home made beers. This specialized bar is dedicated to serving an impressive range of locally brewed craft beers. La Picaeta Sibarita offers a taste of the region’s finest artisanal brews.

I’m a craft beer lover myself and was really impressed with the craft beers. It’s definitely one of the best craft beers I’ve ever had in Spain, so I higly recommend a visit if you’re a craft beer lover as well.


Cervecería La Barrica: for craft beers

Another gem for craft beer lovers in Gandia is Cervecería La Barrica. This vibrant bar is known for its extensive selection of craft beers from around the world. With its nice atmosphere, Cerveceria provides a good environment to explore and discover new beer flavors.

If you’re thinking about which of these places you should go to for craft beers, I would suggest Picaeta Sibarita for the best local craft beers and Cerveceria for beers from around the world.


Llúpøl: for rock cafe and craft beers

Combining the love for rock music and craft beers, Llúpøl is another craft beer destination that shouldn’t be missed. This rock cafe offers an impressive selection of craft beers and is a favorite among locals.

It’s only small, yet has a lively atmosphere and it located in the centre of Gandia city. The owners can give you personalized recommendations on what craft beer to order.


Amazonia: for huge cocktails

If you’re in the mood for oversized cocktails, Amazonia is the place to be. This lively bar specializes in crafting enormous and delicious cocktails that are as visually appealing as they are tasty. It’s located nearby Casa de Cultura.

From tropical delights to coffee shakes, Amazonia’s creative mixologists will leave you impressed. Especially considered the size of the cocktails, the prices are very affordable.

The only downside of this cocktail bar is that the service can be a little slow, so keep this in mind when visiting. If you keep this in mind though, having a cocktail at Amazonia can be an amazing experience.


In conclusion

Gandia is a city that is home to a lot of great places to have drinks. With its diverse range of establishments, from craft beer havens to exotic cocktail bars, there is no shortage of options when it comes to finding the perfect place for drinks. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast, a cocktail lover, or simply looking for a place to unwind, Gandia has it all.


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