Why I started this travel website

Hi! My name is Danae, I’m 25 years old and I spend a lot of my time in the Costa del Azahar region in Spain.

Every time I would look for the best restaurants, things to do and sights to see in this area. However, I quickly discovered that there has hardly been written about!

That’s why I decided to go on a quest myself to find the most beautiful places in the Costa del Azahar area and to write down my findings.

I started this travel website to make it easier for future travelers like you to explore this underrated region of Spain.

This website is dedicated to the Costa del Azahar and its surroundings. You’ll also find places in the Costa de Valencia and Costa Blanca here, as these make for great day trips or weekend stays.

About me
girl in parc de sant pere surrounded by trees
On a quest to find the best spots in the Costa del Azahar region
La Drova in Spain

My Story

I’ve traveled to more than 40+ countries in the world and there is no such thing I enjoy more than traveling.

Most of my time I spend in the Netherlands and in Spain, specifically in the Costa del Azahar region. I’ve studied law and used to work at a law firm which specializes in migration law.

Nowadays, I combine working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with having my own travel websites. I’m an expert in migration law and consular affairs, which makes giving travel advice a lot easier for me.

Featured Destinations

This region of Spain has not yet been discovered by mass tourism. At the same time, it’s home to many beautiful beaches, cultural sights and impressive mountain scenery. What makes it even better is that this region of Spain is still very affordable!