Port Saplaya: The Ultimate Travel Guide in 2024

Sometimes you stumble upon a place on the internet and it looks absolutely gorgeous. But you’re thinking to yourself: is this a tourist trap? Is this truly as beautiful as in the pictures?

Well, Port Saplaya is even prettier than I could have imagined. And it’s not yet discovered by mass tourism either.

Port Saplaya is a small harbour village near Valencia, also known as ‘Little Venice’ due to its colorful buildings, charming harbor, and small boats. If you enjoy tranquil and picture perfect environments, this is a great place to visit. It’s definitely a hidden gem near Valencia.

Interesting fact: It takes just 40 minutes to reach Port Saplaya by bike from the center of Valencia. Located within Alboraya, Port Saplaya is not a large city but definitely worth exploring.

Read on to find out what to do, where to eat and drink and where to stay in Port Saplaya.

Port Saplaya

Is Port Saplaya worth visiting?

Port Saplaya is definitely worth visiting. It’s such a hidden gem nearby Valencia. I was surprised that this place is not yet filled with tourists, as it’s so beautiful. The port in combination with the colorful houses make it a must-visit destination in Spain.

Port Saplaya Valencia

How to get to Port Saplaya?

Here’s everything you need to know about getting to this charming seaside village in Valencia! There are several ways to reach this little seaside gem:

By car

The easiest way to get to Port Saplaya is by car. You can rent a car from Valencia airport or take a taxi, which will cost around €25-€30 one way. The drive from Valencia city center takes approximately 15 minutes.

By bus

You can also reach Port Saplaya by bus. Take the bus number 31 from Plaza de la Reina in Valencia city center, which drops you off at the entrance of the village. The journey takes around 30 minutes and costs around €1.50 each way.

By tram

Another option is taking the tram line 4 that connects Valencia with Alboraya, which stops at Port Saplaya station. This is an excellent option if you are staying near the beach area of Valencia as it runs every day and has frequent services.

By bike

If you love cycling, then you could bike your way down to Port Saplaya. There is an excellent cycle path along the coast that runs from Patacona Beach all the way up to El Puig, passing through Alboraya and Port Saplaya on its route.

bike in port saplaya

How to get around Port Saplaya?

Port Saplaya is only small, so you can easily explore it by foot. Another great way to explore Port Saplaya is by bike.

If you want to venture into Valencia from Port Saplaya you can for instance take the bus. There is a bus which runs between Port Saplaya and the centre of Valencia several times a day. You could even walk from Port Saplaya to Patacona Beach in Valencia and it would only take around half an hour.

You can also use taxis to get around. This is what we mostly did when we wanted to go to Valencia. There is a taxi stand opposite of the Burger King and the shopping centre in Port Saplaya. You can also order a taxi through the taxi app called Cabify.

If you prefer driving yourself around town or exploring nearby areas like Alboraya or Malvarrosa Beach, consider renting a car from one of the many car rental companies in Valencia.


How many days in Port Saplaya?

You can explore Port Saplaya on a day trip, but I would highly recommend staying here for at least two to three days. Especially since most of the tourists only come to visit on a day trip.

If you stay a little longer, you can really discover everything that this charming place has to offer. You will also have more of this hidden gem for yourself.

Besides, the centre of Valencia is not that far away, so you can easily visit Valencia on a day trip from here. There is enough to do in Port Saplaya and its surroundings.. so you could easily stay here for around four to five days.

All in all, if you fully want to relax, stay here for four to five days. If you’re a person who likes to see as much as possible in a short time line, then stay here for two or three days.

Port Saplaya

Top 3 places to stay in Port Saplaya

There are a couple of amazing places to stay in Port Saplaya. Some of the places I highly recommend staying at are:

Cozy apartment on the sea

This apartment is set in a perfect location. There’s free wifi, free private parking and there is a balcony where you can enjoy gorgeous views. The apartment has two bedrooms, so this is ideal if you’re coming with a family or a small group of people. Click here to view their latest prices and more.

Apartamento PortSaplaya

Another great place to stay is Apartemento Portsaplaya. This apartment has two bedrooms aswell, and has a balcony with sea view. Here you can also enjoy the outdoor swimming pool of the complex. If you’re looking for an apartment which is really close to the beach, then this will be your best option. Have a look over here for more information.

Port Saplaya 1

If you want to stay in an apartment with views of the port, then this apartment is most suitable for you. Unlike the other apartments, there is only one bedroom here. However, the apartment is very spacious (85 m2) and comes at an affordable price.

It’s located 500 meters away from the beach and it also has private parking availability and free wifi throughout the property. Click here for the latest prices.

hidden gems valencia

The best restaurants in Port Saplaya

There are several great places to eat and drink in the surroundings of Port Saplaya. The best places for food and drinks include:

Restaurante Banana Beach

For a tropical breakfast experience, head over to Restaurante Banana Beach. This beachfront eatery serves up a range of delicious breakfast options, from classic dishes to creative twists.

Restaurante Trencabeach

Craving Italian flavors? Look no further than Restaurante Trencabeach. This charming restaurant offers a delightful fusion of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.

Al Dente Pasta Pizza Bar

If you’re in the mood for a casual lunch or dinner, Al Dente Pasta Pizza Bar is a must-visit. This cozy eatery specializes in authentic Italian pasta and pizza dishes. From creamy carbonara to pizzas, you’ll be transported to the streets of Italy with every bite.

The Artist Bar Valencia

Looking for a lively atmosphere and live music while enjoying your meal? The Artist Bar Valencia is the place to be. This vibrant bar and restaurant offer a fusion of flavors with an international twist. Indulge in delicious tapas and creative cocktails while enjoying live performances by talented local musicians.

La Fabrica de Hielo

For a unique dining experience, make your way to La Fabrica de Hielo. Housed in a converted ice factory, this eclectic venue combines a restaurant, bar, and cultural space.

With its industrial-chic decor, it’s a perfect spot to sip on craft cocktails and immerse yourself in the vibrant local arts scene. It’s also a great place to go out.

La Casa de La Mar

If you’re looking for a nice place to have drinks nearby the sea, then you should head over to La Casa de La Mar. They also serve food, but I wouldn’t necessarily go here for dinner. There are better places available in the area for food.

However, do visit this place to have some drinks in a lively atmosphere, especially during the weekends. Sometimes there’s even live music going on here, so definitely check it out.

A’Napule (Valencia)

If you’re craving authentic Neapolitan pizza then A’Napule is the place to be. The pizzas here definitely brought me right back to Italy, in a very good way. This cozy pizzeria has the talent to bring the flavors of Naples to Valencia. I actually expected it to be a lot busier than it was.

Using traditional techniques and high-quality ingredients, they serve up delicious pizzas with thin, crispy crusts and rich toppings. Their limoncello is delicious as well! It’s located in Valencia, but definitely worth going to when you’re staying in Port Saplaya.


Bendita Birra Craft Beer Bar (Valencia)

Craft beer enthusiasts will find their paradise at Bendita Birra. With a selection of local and international craft beers on tap, this bar offers a diverse range of flavors to satisfy every beer connoisseur’s palate. Here you’ll find some of the best craft beers in Valencia.

Cafe del Duende (Valencia live music bar)

Looking for a unique blend of great food and live music? Cafe del Duende is a vibrant live music bar that offers a cozy atmosphere and a variety of dishes. This is the place to go to if you want to enjoy live performances in Valencia, such as traditional flamenco music and dancing.

For an amazing cultural experience, definitely head over here. Even though it’s in Valencia itself, it’s without a doubt worth visiting if you’re staying in Port Saplaya.

Restaurant Port Saplaya Mauricio’s Beach

Back to Port Saplaya itself. This restaurant is a beachfront gem in Port Saplaya that offers spectacular views. With a focus on fresh seafood and a menu that showcases Mediterranean and Valencian cuisine, it caters to various culinary preferences. This is definitely one of the best restaurants here and I would highly recommend visiting at least once.

Things to do in Port Saplaya

Here are some of the top activities to add to your Port Saplaya itinerary:

Stroll along the beach

Port Saplaya has a sandy beach that stretches for miles, providing the perfect setting for walks and relaxation. Take in the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea as you enjoy a peaceful stroll along the shoreline.

Playa de Port Saplaya is the main beach here, located right in front of the town. It offers a wide stretch of sandy shoreline where visitors can relax, sunbathe, and enjoy the sea. The beach is well-maintained and clean.

port saplaya playa

Although not directly in Port Saplaya, Playa de la Patacona is within walking distance and is often considered an extension of Port Saplaya’s coastal area.

Patacona Beach is larger and more spacious than Playa de Port Saplaya. It also provides various facilities and services, such as beach bars, water sports rentals, and beach volleyball courts.

Patacona Beach
Patacona Beach in Valencia

Explore the colorful streets

One of the highlights of Port Saplaya is its unique and colorful architecture. Take some time to wander through the town’s streets and marvel at the vibrant buildings. The colorful buildings give this seaside village its charming atmosphere. The colorful streets are also perfect to capture some photos.


Try the local food

Make sure to treat yourself to the excellent (seafood) restaurants in the area. Indulge in classic Valencian dishes such as paella, bursting with flavors of saffron-infused rice and fresh seafood. Explore the restaurants mentioned above for a memorable culinary journey.

Take a boat tour

Discover the beauty of Port Saplaya’s coastline by going on a guided boat tour. Whether you choose a leisurely sailing trip or an adventurous speedboat excursion, a boat tour is a fantastic way to appreciate the coastal charm of Port Saplaya.

Visit nearby attractions

While Port Saplaya itself offers plenty to see and do, there are also enough attractions in the surrounding area that are well worth exploring.

Just a short drive away, you’ll find Valencia’s City of Arts & Sciences, a magnificent complex featuring futuristic architecture and interactive museums that provide a unique cultural experience.

Alternatively, visit Albufera Natural Park, known for its beautiful wetlands and diverse wildlife. Take a boat ride through the park’s waters or savor the flavors of traditional Valencian cuisine in a local restaurant. These nearby attractions make for ideal day trips from Port Saplaya.

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Port Saplaya is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a unique and relaxing vacation spot.

With its charming pastel-colored buildings, lovely canals, and beautiful beachfront, it’s no wonder why this hidden gem near Valencia is becoming more and more popular.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the local restaurants or simply lounging on the beach with a good book, it’s definitely worth visiting. So pack your bags and head down to this hidden paradise.

Enjoy your time in Port Saplaya and make unforgettable memories in this little seaside destination.


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