Gorgo Catalan

Gorgo Catalan: A Hidden Gem in The Valencia Region

Located in Anna, in the Valencia region of Spain, Gorgo Catalan is the ideal place to visit on a day trip. If you’re staying in the Costa del Azahar, it’s less than an hour away by car. Gorgo Catalan is a natural lake that offers a refreshing escape. And it’s even home to a small waterfall!

Before visiting, I didn’t really have an idea of what to expect, as there wasn’t really a lot of information to be found on the internet. That’s why I decided to go and explore myself and to write down my findings in this article.

In this article, we will explore how to get to Gorgo Catalan, whether it’s worth visiting and what you can expect at this natural pool.

Gorgo Catalan

How to get to Gorgo Catalan?

Gorgo Catalan is situated in the municipality of Anna, approximately 80 kilometers southwest of the city of Valencia. Anna is a small town filled with narrow alleyways. Although the town is only small, there are a couple of beautiful natural spots in the area.

You can get to Anna by car, train or bus. However, the train stops in Xàtiva, so you will probably have to take a taxi to eventually get there. From Valencia, bus lines L1B and L3 have routes that pass near Anna.

However, the easiest and most recommendable way to reach Gorgo Catalan is by car, as public transportation options to Anna are pretty limited.

how to get to Gorgo Catalan

From Valencia, take the A-7 highway southbound and then connect to the CV-580 road. Put the address in Google Maps before you take off to be sure.

Follow the signs to Anna, and after a drive through the countryside, you will arrive at Gorgo Catalan. It will take around an hour to get here from Valencia.

If you’re coming from Gandia or La Drova, it will take a little less than an hour to get here by car.

Road to Gorgo Catalan
The road leading to Gorgo Catalan

Is Gorgo Catalan worth visiting?

Without a doubt, Gorgo Catalan is worth visiting for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those who appreciate tranquility. This hidden gem is a great place to visit if you’re looking to take a refreshing dip or if you want to go for a picnic in a beautiful natural setting.

One of the main reasons why Gorgo Catalan is worth visiting is its natural beauty. The site has a small waterfall cascading into a crystal-clear turquoise lagoon. It’s a very serene atmosphere. It’s the ideal place to unwind and recharge.

The surroundings of Gorgo Catalan are also ideal for walks.

Gorgo Catalan

How long to spend at Gorgo Catalan?

I would say spending around two to three hours here will be more than enough. You can go for a swim, picnic, read a book that you took with you, go for a walk in the nearby area or just relax.

When to visit Gorgo Catalan?

In general: when it’s warm. Because then it will be especially refreshing to go for a dip here.

If you’re in the area in summer, when the temperatures are at its highest, definitely visit Gorgo Catalan. Do expect it to be more crowded in summer.

During the shoulder months, such as May, June, September and October, will also be a perfect time to visit.

gorgo catalan

What to expect at Gorgo Catalan

Gorgo Catalan is not yet discovered by mass tourism. When we were there, there were only two other people in total.

Upon arrival, the crystal-clear waters invite you to take a refreshing dip. Do expect the water to be cold though. This makes it even more refreshing, especially when the temperatures outside have really risen.

gorgo catalan

There are two picnic tables next to the natural pool, which makes it the ideal place to have some lunch. It’s surrounded by some trees with ropes on it, so you can jump into the water. There is also a ladder to get into the water.

Expect some fish swimming in the water as well. I didn’t expect them in the first place, however I don’t think they do any harm though. I didn’t even feel them while I was swimming, even though I did see them.

More adventure nearby

For those seeking even more adventure, the hiking trails around Gorgo Catalan can be explored. The hiking trails of Ruta de las Cascadas de Anna are definitely worth visiting.

This is only a 5 minute drive away. Here you will be able to see 3 waterfalls and a popular natural pool called Gorgo de la Escalera.

The waterfalls on this route include Gorgo Gaspar, Cascada de los Vikingos and Cascada del Salto. They are all different from each other yet very beautiful.

Do keep in mind that these trails are more challenging than getting to the very accessible Gorgo Catalan.

Cascade de Los Vikingos

When visiting these beautiful natural spots, it’s essential to practice responsible tourism and leave no trace behind. This means taking extra care to ensure that your presence has minimal impact on the environment.

Please take all your waste with you, including food wrappers, bottles, and any other trash. Leave the natural area as you found it, keeping it clean and free from litter. In this way, we can preserve the natural beauty of these hidden gems.

cascade de los vikingos

In conclusion

Gorgo Catalan is a hidden gem located in the heart of Anna, in the Valencia region of Spain. The natural pool with its small waterfall is captivating.

Its serene atmosphere makes it a worthwhile destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. It’s the perfect place for a refreshing dip or for a relaxing picnic. Do expect the water to be cold and to see some fish swimming in there.

I would highly recommend getting here by car, as public transport is very limited. It’s also great to visit Gorgo Catalan after hiking to the three waterfalls in Anna.

In this way, you’ll have a refreshing reward after hiking the somewhat challenging trails of the Ruta de las 3 Cascadas de Anna.

Definitely visit Gorgo Catalán if you’re seeking a place to relax and recharge.

gorgo catalan

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